Photography is such a unique and broad artistic medium. From film photography to digital photography, even to pin-hole photography. Photography offers are vast creative outlet for photographers and other artists around the world, and it is only continuing to grow.

When you view photography, you may not think of it in the artistic aspect. You may just see a picture, you may see more. Whatever you see is entirely up to you, especially because art is subject to different opinions. What you should know, though, is that photography consists of different genres.

Genres does not mean the same thing as music genres. Instead, a photography genre is another way to categorize the many different photographs from around the world. Some popular photography genres are: black and white photography, landscape photography, action photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, pet photography, and so on.

Different photographers will specialize in different photography genres. Some photographers will practice in all genres (and this is the case for more photographers). Each genre offers a chance to grow artistically from every photo session. This is because the photographic aspects that we need to consider while performing this art are never exactly the same. Below is an overview of the listed photography genres, and why they are unique.

 Black and White Photography

Black and white photograph, the classic photography genre. Black and white photography was around long before colored photography, and it is still used around the world to this day. Black and white photography can now be done straight from your camera, developed on film, and even photo edited on your computer.

Black and white photography is a great way to set a mood. Your entire photo will encompass the mood of your black and white photography, but the absence of color adds something extra. The absence of color in this photography genre removes the color distraction and allows you to create a different interpretation of the photograph than if it would be in color.


Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is perhaps one of the harder photography genres to work with. There are plenty of landscapes around the world, but what you put into your landscape photograph is what you get out.

It is very simple to snap a photograph of a sunset or a mountain. However, what are you hoping to get across with landscape photography? Landscape photography requires you to create an image that will make people feel and/ or see what you saw while taking the photo. This can best be done with mood lighting (such as the sunlight or artificial light), and with the placement of the landscape. While you cannot control the placement of the landscape, you can control your own position and the angle of your camera.

Action photography

Action photography requires much attention and focus. If you are distracted whilst taking action photos, you may not get the shot you are hoping for. Action photography also requires that you have all of your camera settings at the right settings to get the perfect image. Photography aspects to consider here are shutter speed, ISO, and your f-stop.

Action photography can be viewed pretty much anywhere. From sports magazines to TV commercials, even in newspapers. Sports are a very common subject for action photography. However, nature photography can become action photography as well. From a whale fin coming out of the water to a bald eagle flying across the sky—that is considered action photography.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a very popular photography genre, and it is considered to be one of the most specialized photography genres out there. Whilst performing wedding photography, you are not only practicing your art, you are being trusted with special moments for other people.

Like action photography, wedding photography requires a lot of focus and skill. Wedding portraits require that your camera settings are either adjustable, or in the right place so that you can create the perfect photo. This photography genre also requires you to interact with others, which means you need to make sure that you are giving off a friendly and caring persona.

Portrait Photography

Perhaps the photography genre that is bigger than wedding photography, is portrait photography. Portrait photography can be viewed almost anywhere. You see many portraits in magazines, on the TV, on social media, even in books. Portrait photography is a very vast photography genre, and the possibilities are almost limitless.

You have more control over your subjects when it comes to portraits. That is not saying you control the model, but you can control the way they position themselves, what items are in the background, the location, etc. Portrait photography allows photographers to experiment and learn more about their art as well.

Real estate Photography

Real estate photography is an awesome niche and can be very lucrative for photographers. Real estate agent need pictures of every house they list, so there is always a need for work! You can learn the simple tips and tricks of the trade by googling real estate photography. It is important to catch the right angles of things. Check out this awesome picture of a bathroom done for me by my friends over at Plumbing Services Deerfield Beach!



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