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Welcome to the BEST Photography blog in the world!

Ok, well atleast I think so because it is my own! I am really excited to share some awesome tips and tricks for fellow photographers and hopefully to help you increase your photography skills. I have been taking photos and fascinated with photography ever since a young boy, when I got my first camera at the age of only 5, for christmas. I was HOOKED! I remember when film was the ONLY way to even take a picture, AND it would be black and white. We have come such a long way since then with DSLR cameras and many other styles (too many to even begin talking about on this post!).

Give me ANY camera, and I will take a beautiful picture with it, in ways many people can not imagine. I really love how all different people see EACH photo in a different way, and I briefly discuss this in my about section. But I would like to elaborate a little more here.

Every time someone takes a photo, they are setting their own angle. I love this aspect the most. Everyone sees it different! You could have 10 people take a picture in the same spot of the same inanimate object, with the same camera, with the SAME settings, and each and everyone of those photos will be quite different! How cool is that? Everyone is different and so is every single picture!

Uniqueness is quite a thing, and is the sole driven reason for my passion of photography.

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