About http://dondarrockphotography.com

We are a group of dedicated photographers who love to share our information with others. I personally love to analyze photography from different people, and see their nagle of shot, exposure and all other things. It is also a goal of mine to help people become better photographers for whatever style they like to shoot. I am an avid reef tank enthusiast as well, and I love to take pictures of my reef tanks and my friend’s reef tanks.

A buddy’s reef tank

Things I LOVE about Photography:
1. Everyone has a different perspective on the SAME shot.
2. There are a million ways to take the same photo.
3. Cameras have come a LONG way since they were FIRST created.

There are probably a million other reasons why I actually love photography, but these are just a few for you to get the idea. We will be going deeper into it in my following posts. I think one of the best places to share your photos is Facebook. I used to not like it, but in the recent years, Facebook has revamped its ability to have high quality photos on the platform, you just need to know how to upload them properly when you do. This will be an entire post itself.

Anyways, more on what we are about. I think often times many of the things that fine tune your photography skills are overlooked, and I really want to visit some of those things on this blog. I plan on doing a lot of how to’s and guides. I also will get a technical about photography, so if you ever do not understand something, you are more than welcome to reach out at my contact form.

Camera Reviews for the best Photography

Another things I am really interested in doing, is buying new cameras and using them. Then I will review them and give pros and cons of different cameras. I really love photography and I hope you will follow me on this journey and learn a thing or two along the way!