The world and history of photography is very vast, dating back to the 1500’s when the first pinhole camera was created. It was not until the 1900’s that photography took a big leap forward, but the artistic medium of photography continued (and still continues) to prevail.

There is no wonder why photography has evolved so much. With the advancements in modern technology and science, the world of photography continues to grow in a positive way. We are able to manipulate our photographs with computer programs, in order to enhance what the camera captures. Photographs can be printed on various mediums such as paper or canvas.

Photography has not developed just because of the advancements in modern day technology. Photography is an ever growing, unique artistic medium that allows the photographer to truly see their subject. Photography gives us the ability to freeze time, and even go back in time (in a sense). Photography as an art gives the photographer almost limitless options when it comes to creativity—making this artistic medium very unique.

Below are 5 of the main reasons why photography is such a unique artistic medium.

  1. Photography allows you to time travel

If you think about it, a photograph is time frozen. I am not saying this in a way where we can physically go see the dinosaurs or revisit a concert from a year ago. Instead, photography uses various aspects of math and science to absorb light onto a reactive surface that creates the image. As a result, you have a photograph that shows a moment in time.

Saying photography allows you to time travel should not be considered in the literal sense. Think perspective. Look at a picture on your phone, it brings you back to your memory of that specific point in time. So in sense, you are time traveling simply by looking back at your photographs.

  1. Photography is almost limitless

Photography is almost limitless. This phenomenon is mainly due to the advancements in modern day technology, but do not just give the technology all the credit. When you are truly in tune with your camera, the possibilities of creating an amazing photograph are almost endless. You can manipulate your subjects, the lighting, add your own physical effects—the list goes on!

As with saying photography allows you to time travel should not be taken literally, photography being almost limitless should not be taken literally either. There are some limitations to this unique artistic medium, but they are not prominent very often. Photography is a great way to express yourself creatively, and truly produce a photography that is worth 1000 words.

  1. Photography makes you really look at your subject

Anyone can simply pick up a camera, turn it on, and press the shutter button to snap a photo. Simply taking a regular photo is easy, but it takes a certain finesse to really produce a photograph. Another reason why photography is such a unique artistic medium is because it makes you truly look at your subject.

Looking at your subject is simple, open your eyes! However, you need to see your subject and be completely present in the moment in order to get that perfect photograph.

Take for example wedding photography. You are responsible for capturing a very special moment in many lives during this time, and if you are simply just looking and snapping photos, you will not be able to tell the story that you are being paid to tell. Instead you are producing pictures that are at the same quality of a wedding guests.

Be present, and truly see your subjects—this is what photography aims to do. Truly seeing your subject(s) will help you not only relate to your client, but also help you produce the best photograph possible.

  1. Photography Combines Science and Art

The creation of photography simply began with a series of experiments—dating back to the 1500s! The human race has been experimenting with photography for hundreds of years, and we have made the most advancements during the 20th and 21st centuries. What start off as a light reacting with certain chemicals is no a multi-billion dollar market, and a way for artists to express themselves without using a pencil or other artistic mediums.

Photography uses art, which is the product you see in a photograph, and science, which is how the photograph is created. Light reacts with different things, like silver chloride or mirrors, allowing a small machine to create high resolution photographs. If you do not believe this, feel free to do more research on how a typical DSLR camera works, or even how a film camera works. Photography is amazing in a sense where it has the power to combine two completely different subjects to create an amazing photograph.

  1. Photography can be personalized

Offering photographic services to clients is not the only means of going about photography. You have the power to personalize your photography, create art for yourself.

Perhaps this reason why photography is unique can allow a person to be more in tune with their inner selves. Instead of simply taking a photograph for someone else, you are taking one that satisfies the photographer in you.

Let us say you are on a nature hike, just strolling and you find the perfect scene right in front of your eyes. You pick up your camera, position yourself and adjust the camera settings accordingly, and snap the photograph. You now have personalized your own photography!

There are more than 5 reasons why photography is unique, and they may only arise depending on the individual. There are so many reasons to love photography, even if it only means taking photographs for yourself. Photography is in a sense limitless, it is a great creative outlet, and it really makes you look at your subject(s). Photography also allows you to time travel and to help capture moments that others may not be able to capture themselves. To say that photography is a unique artistic medium is an understatement, to say the least.


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